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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Treat this as an opinion blog and less of a news article. Shatta Wale pops up on the gram on what seems to be an unofficial account with a caption ‘I go buy you Fendi

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I go buy you Fendi 💰

A post shared by SHATTA 👑 (@shattawalegh) on

The image as usual goes viral amongst his hardcore fans that reshare it placing it all over social media. At first sight, it was fairly disappointing that such a giant in the industry still is, if not never, hardly seen in any African or Ghanaian owned fashion brands but will make such a big fashion statement in Fendi.

Any support ‘Made In Africa’ influencer will see the wasted opportunity and opportunities for pushing Ghanaian brands. But on second thought……What effort are the Ghanaian menswear brands doing to engage with our male celebrities. Let’s look at things on the flip side. Steve Harvey came down to Ghana and Even just on hearing the news he has arrived, I had already witnessed upto 3 menswear brands that have clothed him and plastered their interaction with him all over their social media. From Kustom Looks, to Jay Ray to Chocolate Clothing.

And there is by far no doubt they went through lengths to engage with Steve Harvey. Yes it’s obvious, he is an international star, and has some character benefits beyond a Shatta Wale. But at the end of the day he is literally only 3 times more popular than Shatta Wale as far as Shatta’s official social media page goes. Maybe if Ghanaians made that effort to really get Shatta or real Ghanaian male celebs in their clothes they might actually see an extensive growth in their revenue.

Don’t for once second think that Gucci, Fendi and international brands are not targeting African celebrities, they are all about expansion and marketing. Shatta popping up in Fendi is no random mistake, WizKid singing about and wearing Gucci and being called to walk on the runway for Dolce & Gabanna is not a random mistake or an act of being star struck. It is a business move of an international brand targetting you here in Africa and occupying a market vacuum because our own brands might feel Shatta is too rugged for them.


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