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Unfortunately the two dancehall rivals and their gang on gang violence at the VGMA2019 was not big enough to pull attention away from King Promise’s high sole shoes. Akuapem Poloo got her attention of being ridiculed but definitely not half as much as the ‘Take You To Tokyo’ singer, King Promise. The artists is probably the shortest male hit maker in Ghana, making it fairly uncomfortable for him to be snapping picture next to people on the red carpet.

So with the help of high sole shoes, he manages to level himself up a few inches next to his other celebrity buddies. It seems the singer will rather face the backlash of his shoes being ridiculed, compared to memes about him being short next to others. Which brings up the question, does wearing high sole shoes challenge the singer’s overtly confident music?

So what do you think guys? Is it embarrassing for a short man to wear high sole shoes? Especially one who flaunts like he owns the world? Does it take away from his confidence in himself? Or is it wrong for society to ridicule a short man if comparing it to the likes of ridiculing a disabled person. After all, no one chooses their height. Share your thoughts and see the images below.


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