VIDEO: Silk Is Made From Worm Poo; An Estimate Of 7 Billion Worms Are Killed Yearly For Silk Fabrics

by Nana Tamakloe

Many people are very sensitive to the animal rights and can go as far as avoiding Leather, fur and wool out of their fashion due to the animal cruelty attached to it. But most of us are unaware the the process that it takes to make silk which is explained in the video below.


This very insightful video by bite size vegan explains how silk is made. As we all know at every caterpillar morphs oneday into a butterfly and as worms to with moths. However worms excrete the silk fabric that they wrap themselves in which is eventually used for silk production.

This is not a problem as we do not usually expect the worm to be in there forever. However, the only way the worm/moth escapes the silk coon is by chewing it’s way out in a manner that makes the coon not so good for silk production. Therefore to extract the best use of the coon, the worm is killed inside the coon and it’s then extracted for the use of silk. In 2013, it was estimated roughly 7billion worms killed for silk production. But incase I did not deliver a good summery, the video below breaks it all down. Enjoy


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