Skin Care Tip; Keeping Your Skin Clean & Avoiding Dryness

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First, it is best to take into consideration your skin tone, for example, scares and such are easier seen on lighter colored skin whilst dryness is easily seen on darker coloured skin. Various skin care products are formulated with different benefits that could cater best for one or the other. It means one would need to carefully select the choice of products From the right type of cleanser and moisturizer to the correct procedure for wearing sunscreen.

Cleanse Sparingly
According to, it is best to cleanse your skin only once daily. Washing your face too often can deplete it of moisture, giving it a chalky appearance. Choose a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain drying soap. You rarely need to exfoliate; however if you want to try it, choose a gentle formula for sensitive skin and test it on your arm or another inconspicuous patch of skin first.

Picture by @q_photos
Picture by @q_photos

Moisturize Daily
Moisturizing should be an integral part of your skin care routine. Skin can be notoriously dry, so a thick and emollient moisturizer should be applied several times a day. Moisturizers that are considered “humectant” attract water to the surface of the skin. A moisturizer that contains glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid or dimethicone is recommended by the University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Child Welfare Training Program; however, those containing alphahydroxy or vitamin A should be avoided due to their irritating nature. If you prefer natural moisturizers, consider those made with shea butter and coconut oil.

We hope this is some great advise that will be of help to you in the near future.

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