Street Style Of The Day- Children In Ankara/African Prints Styles


Every Sunday I teach at Sunday school and I admire the styles the children bring in every time.They are very fashionable and their parents take time to ensemble clothes for them, especially with the African Prints. Their styles are detailed and very fancy compared to adults.

I remember those times where all we wore to church and parties was “the popular european already made clothes” bought from the boutique but now parents are taking their time to sew, buy or order ankara prints clothing for their kids for different occasion not only church. The prints can be custom made to suit occasions like recitals, ballet dance, wedding,  parties,  school picture shoot etc.


I don’t  know why, but children wearing ankara prints are extremely exciting to watch. Scroll down to see images of young fashionista’s wearing their african prints and designs with style-


ob_c81395_image ankara design baby-style2 10484375_10152240571481819_1030926772_n 4621579706_945x648 0440j8840 IMG_0044 1fc37c855d7c7a1dc7df3998b87ba0fd DRC-Promo Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.11.23 PM 10488983_10152240573761819_1202904202_n 48493hfh3003 children ankara


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