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Hats are very attractive, however making them work can at time be a mystery. Finding a beautiful hat has never been difficult but matching it with your outfits to create a fluid resonating style can be tedious at times.

However, if you are ever faced with this issue, then today is your lucky day, we did the work to bring you five amazing style influencers, who have beautifully served hats on a regular basis.

These Style Influencers Got What You Need

Some are new and some have been tearing up the internet for as long as one can remember, however, one certainty is that they do rock their hats well, from Panama hats to wide hats to bowler hats.

Making hats work for your fashion looks can be very convenient on bad hair days, scars, or even no make-up days. It can save you much time from wearing bad wigs or scarves. So if you would like to pick a few tips or two, and maybe check out more fgstyles and mix match like with the mum jeans looks below.

#fGSTYLE: If You Thought Mum Jeans Were Boring Think Again! See 20 Amazing Haute Looks

Top 5

Style Influencers
Anyways, here are the five influencers we feel are hitting home runs with their beautiful looks in hats.

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