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Tanzania Celebrity Watch 

Curvy Tanzanian model, Sanchi, has left many of her followers stunned and convinced that her backside is natural after she took to Instagram to celebrate her endowed mom on Mother’s Day, being today, May 12, 2019.

With all the plastic surgery, work out videos, waist trainers, pills and more that women stress themselves out with to be appealing, it is not easy in 2019 to tell what is real and what isn’t real.

Even these days many around the world are begining to doubt how real some African women they come across are. One such figure, is popular Tanzanian social media figure Sanchi. There have been many questions how natural her curves are and if she went under the knife to achieve such a jaw dropping body.

Today on mothers’ day, she shut down rumours by simply doing one thing, sharing with the world a picture of her curvy mum. Immediately fans run to comment on how and where she got her figure from. What was even more eye appealing is her mothers curves makes you realize that Sanchi is not fully grown yet into what is promised for her. See the mother below and see comments further down.


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