The Board of Fashion GHANA Needs Your Help: African Fashionistas VS Facebook Block

by FashionGHANA Admin
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So all we do on FashionGHANA is promote African fashion, connect creatives from one country to another, and give an insight to African fashion lovers from around the world on what is going on and what’s is latest news. Unfortunately, the evil forces on facebook are trying to stop us so this calls for a job for #TeamFashionGhana.

A few of our fans decided to message us to let us know for some reason our site has been marked as spam, who knows why? Maybe facebook doesn’t like African fashion or maybe some envious people made this claim to them. Even when posting in our own group and our own page. Which also makes it harder for people to share our articles. When one tries to post an article they are met with the following caution.

After filling the captcha field, your post will be published nicely. However, here is where we need your help! Facebook is claiming that this link is unsafe, as you can see above. It’s the folder which holds our images. So we We have scanned our website and found no virus whatsoever and we use top class server managers. And based on this caution, it is preventing people form sharing our posts on African fashion. Notice this block doesn’t affect every part of the website such as this post, but only the news sector. Limiting us from publishing news on African fashion on facebook.

So we kindly ask of you for 30 seconds of your time to please click on this link go to which leads to the facebook unblock page, and enter in this link and continue with the rest. This would be of mighty help. And then carry on enjoying the content on our news site.

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