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Nigeria Celebrity Watch 

As if things going viral on the internet wasn’t bad enough, legitimized African press are even quicker to spread unverified news without research in the name of hits sake. Hits feed the press, from sponsored ads, to featured ads to google ads. And with limited competition and accountability to some extent, the African press is quick to put out unconfirm truth to the public without research.

Many times we stumble over rumours, but unless that rumour plays a role to a wider story it makes no sense publishing it.

According to both Ghanaian and Nigerian press 19-year-old actress Regina Daniels was recently seen with her rumoured ‘husband’ Ned Nwoko, 59, stepped out for their first public appearance today in Warri, Delta State. It could possibly be true or even most likely, but if it isn’t confirmed true, why publish it? Why not consider the fact that a very rich billionaire, and a popular actress are able to get married and 1, no one has no confirmation of such. 2, they have never been seen together before. 3, when they were spotted together did they kiss? did they hold hands? Did they do anything to imply they were a couple? No.

So that leads us to another question which is, at which stage did the rumour that that are a couple emerge, where did it emerge from and who is behind this?

Or was the pictures of the two so eye capturing as a great article post featured image that one publication kicked off the rumour that a rumour exist which ignited all the other African media to hop onto the band wagon? Doesn’t this raise a little bit of fear amongst the public when you read some unconfirmed truths? What if this led to the damage of ones business, or home, or relationship, or physically attacked by another lover?

All the press acknowledged ‘It’s been rumoured that the billionaire politician married Regina as his 6th wife but neither confirmed it. This is the first time both are seen together in public since the news of their marriage began to circulate.’. How logical does that sound.

Yes, once again, there could be truth that they are married, but it is very worrying and puzzling, that headlines across Nigeria and Ghana are acknowledging this truth without any slight confirmation or atleast a credible source to the rumours.

The actress shortly after posts pictures flaunting her middle ring. Some press have even gone to the extent of claiming it’s her wedding ring, without even knowing which finger the wedding ring goes onto. Now even more reason to show she is literally playing with and taking the unregulated and unprofessional African media houses for fools. A tactic that was usually playing be Yvonne Nelson in her early days.

This article does not deny any reality the two could be married, but the amount of renowned press, established website and media houses that have published this as true without any slight evidence or proof of their marriage is a really worrying sign about the press with have to deal with in Ghana. God bless Africa, and to our media…..RESEARCH, at least enough to comfortably spread information.


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