Not much has been experienced this year we pretty spent half of the year locked indoors due to the deadly Coronavirus, we had predictions as to what style we are going to be seeing as we enter this year 2020 this time last year 2019 but that didn’t happen and we are here going to still do the same thing hoping that the coming year would be better than we experienced this year. Now fashion style and trends are one tricky area where everyone dabble and second guess based on the cycle it goes, most styles go on to stay trendy for 10years, 20 years, 5 or even 2 years but there are some which lasts for a season or for a year and disappears, now when this happens some people are still caught in a facade where they are undecided as to what to do with that outfit they got for a huge price since it has been predicted that the style is going out of style well no need to fret you can still keep them intact, guess what style have a way of finding its way back somehow even if it takes 4 years to rear its head back. An example is the oversized top and pants which was a huge 90s fashion trend for women of style, any woman who didn’t have an oversize top and pants just wasn’t ready to be identified as a stylish 90s girl, but as we got into the new Y2K it was coined literally meaning 2000, we could see the style trend shifting from a rugged baggy to a more trimmed, skinny or body-con and we could see a tremendous shift of women who felt they needed to be seen as more serious folks had that change happen so fast, it didn’t affect only fashion the makeup trend back then which had pencils as the ish was kicked out so fast it was seen as outdated. Looking at the years and styles that have emerged we have also seen most styles from the 60, 80s and 90s having a field day in 2020 and that is because style never fades it only goes through a phase and resurrects itself again.

The only to keep up with the trend is to reinvent your wardrobe sometimes it takes a team to cause a style trend and so you could be glancing through mum’s picture album and get all the inspirations you might ever think of and using those outfits in your wardrobe to experiment just think of how you think of a menu and wanna try to create a dish to add variety to your already stale daily meal, you might get it wrong the very first time but with constant trial and error you would definitely get it the one million time, with that being said we have taken our time to glance through some of the styles we we haven’t explored in 2020 and we strongly feel that this style trend deserves our very attention in 2021.

These are the looks that are going to take over in 2021 after having a rather poor outing in 2020.


One of the few outfits that tickled our senses in 2019 and had a good outing in the early part of 2020, The outfit isn’t just a warm-weather look, though. In addition to being paired with sandals and mules, some short suits were also styled with knee-high boots  meaning this look may even see us through to the fall of 2021. The boxy-style blazers paired with long shorts give off a distinct ’90s vibe



On all levels stripes should have gone like years ago but like we highlighted in our earlier write-up, this style trend and managed to withstand the pressure of print maxi dress to still stay relevant in 2020 and this style is definitely heading into 2021 without any much struggle none whatsoever. This is because vertical stripes will be especially favored because they “flatter any body type” especially in photos and with women’s crave for selfies, now you know why the stripes has been staying winning all this while.



Raise your hand if you abused this outfit from 2019 – early 2020, a lot of women found the hot pants a way to express their inner alter-ego so you could see a normal sweet girl all decked up and the next minute she is all fixed up in a sexy hot pants either the conventional pants or prints, well which ever is your preference be prepared as this style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we had suggest you go get more style inspo for your wardrobe an excuse to stay sexy, Don’t thank us.




So many designers showed peplum tops on the runways, no one ever thought of this style in 2020 but it did make a huge statement and as we are getting into a new year style the peplum style trend would definitely be having a few representation here and there no much fuss though just a formal wear option for many in the coming year, we are hoping it kind of wrap up before we hit summer though cause we are really getting overwhelmed by this outfit.


In the coming days we would be giving you more style trends we feel would be making a cameo appearance in 2021, do you have any thoughts on this list kindly leave your comments you never you could be influencing our next style trend list. Remember to always stay fabulous and glued to your number one fashion portal


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