Phew! its just 11 days to end this rather daunting year, we all can attest to the fact that we didnt expect this year to pan out the way it did but with a sheer hope ahead of us we are anticipating that the coming year would give us all something to hold on to. With all this being said, the few days needs to be celebrated in ways you haven’t thought after-all you are not going to have another 2020 erupt again, the coming week sees us celebrate the birth of Christ which in-fact is the reason for this season, you have got your invite and you know what  type of party you are going to be attending and you have decided on the choice of color and dress now we want you to focus on that gorgeous hands of yours, this is something majority of you pay attention to while some dont see the fuss but we tell those hands could score you lots of good acknowledgment you have no idea it could so we are going to help you out with some shimmering, glossy and fancy nails we feel need to be rocked by you on different occasions to bid 2020 goodbye.

Life is too short for boring nails. And when it comes to nails, all that is gold, silver and sparkly, glitters is what every woman deserves. Here are five glitter and nail art styles and trends you need try out.

A choice to try out is the Gold Silver Laser Holographic Nail Glitter, it has become very popular within the last couple of years and this year we are clamoring that this nail needs a little spotlight to brighten up your look, feel as you party your way through out the night. 

The Black nails which is touted as a GOTH reference gives you out as a sexy independent woman who knows what she has and is a go getter, do you have a wedding to attend in few days then this black nails inspo should be your best option to add a Vava-Voom to your already impeccable look.

Nails shouldn’t be boring, variety they say is the spice of life and with these quotes comes with experimenting with your nails this festive season, get creative as you go into the night to party with friends or musical concert etc then the fancy nail arts are your go to option.


By now you would agree with me that we love PINK here at FashionGhana and there’s no way we are going to create a style and beauty list without putting pink, so based on us being bias with pink we feel this pink inspired nails are going to work for you this season.

Lastly you want to have a memorable 2020 festive season then we urge you to try this 60s Majestic ruby berry nail art, it is perfection that you don’t even need to try hard the nails itself would do all the talking for you.

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