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Ghana Feature Check out the outfit Gloria Sarfo rocked to the RTP awards last October by Bri Wireduah. Starting from the top and paying close attention to details, shall we attack the neck piece/collar. Because honestly, choosing a necklace to match an outfit can be nerve wrecking sometimes. Imagine having a dress that has it all figured out for you and is stylish as well.

Going on to the beading that joins the neck piece to the main garment, as simple as it looks and yet very elegant; embellishing the neck and giving the chest a glow. The beads just have a way of being in sync with her charming smile.

Now to the off-shoulder body hugging dress that has been the trend for so long it is just doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon because there’s always a new twist to it that just can’t be ignored. And whoa! don’t get me started on the sleeves. Detailing so flawless it feels like having two perfect sleeves on one outfit. The whole flare on top a smooth three-quarter fitted sleeve is a work of art, no doubt!

As she closes it off with the ruffles beneath, Bri Wireduah draws attention to the colour combination. A touch of yellow that mimics the royal golden sunrays beaming on her legs and highlighting her feet. You bet her every stride feels like she’s walking on the clouds. Definitely eclectic and chic; “eclechic” as she likes to call it. The Briwoman! Her confidence lies in her clothing and her smile and of course, deep within her and radiances unto the outside, blessing everyone she meets. Yes! Even the viewers of the photo have been blessed. A beautiful woman, her beautiful smile, clothed in a beautiful garment.


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