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Ghana Celebrity Watch

As far as Ghana is concerned, and we also believe in other locations, Kanye was a fairly bit of a joke wearing what looks like flip flops with suit. Now if he had simply worn flip flops with a suit it won’t seem so off key, but seeing as the suit was un-ironed, and no extra styling to the style, it gave the feel of a man who just woke up and wore whatever to make sure he didn’t miss his friends wedding.

So although Kanye is getting the feed from the net, why shouldn’t this eventually become a thing? Here are all the reasons why stylish men and men in general will adopt this….
1/ Laziness/effortless/easy: It’s much easier to slide your feet through what looks like flip flop instead of all the tied up and shoe horns that we endure. I’m not saying wearing a shoe is difficult but flip flops are much easier.
2/ High ankle Trousers: One benefit of wearing shoes with your trousers is they prevent your trousers from sliding down passed your heels and dragging on the floor. However, this won’t be an issue as of today high ankle trousers (trousers that don’t go past the ankle are in fashion.
3/ More Room For Designed Flip Flops: Shoes are so hard to make especially for creatives, on the other hand Flip flops aren’t. There is much room for creatives to execute more creativity to mens flip flops that could make it more fashionable for such occasions.
4/ Back To Africa: Africans have been rocking Chale Wote and Sandals for years to even the most prestigious events, coupled with their suits, or their agbadas. Some are even designed with Kente So it’s nothing new.
5/ Foot Odor: Bathing your feet is the strongest way to reduce foot odor, but for all those that struggle around this issue, flip flops make it easier for those around you and your feet don’t get heated and bottled up in stink.

Yes, some men may find this funny, but it has every reason to become a norm. We hope 2Chainz didn’t feel bad about Kanye’s look, after all we wouldn’t have heard of his wedding hear had it not been for this.

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