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Pearl Amoah, Founder of PAF Outlet
The PAF outlet simply stands for Pearl Amoah Fashion. A former model turned designer, now fashion boutique owner. The PAF outlet might be one out of a handful of multi brand outlets that only stock Ghanaian brands, but there is a magic to how it operates which might just be the solution to Ghana (and sub sahara) africa for that matter, designer boutique problem.


What the PAF outlet is doing will surely transcend and change Ghana forever and probably be the most common relationship between designers and boutiques in the near future. So to not waste your time any further here is why we say that.

Today, Ghanaian designers are forced to sell clothes via one on one clientele, social media, online stores, or via their own branded stores because the relationship between Ghanaian designers and stores has a barrier right between them like two ex’s that are two proud to amend their relationship.

The boutiques criticize the designers and their lack of ability to sell and have appeal as well as quality, and the designers say the boutiques are not trying to help.

Alternatively, The PAF Outlet puts top Ghanaian designers who produce ready to wear in quantities in one outlet. Designers are assessed based on quality standards and efficiency before agreeing to the terms of engagement and are offered a space in the PAF outlet to showcase their wears. The PAF outlet offers the designers a ready market in a very busy location for their designs. This helps them sell quicker and exposes their brands to a bigger clientele.

But here is how PAF outlet works differently, no more trying to sell your brand and convince the store owners to stock it, instead the PAF outlet sell you the space. As some will know, this is not a new idea, various boutiques in Ghana do so, with one or two African designers. However the PAF outlet is the first one fully dedicated to Ghanaian ready-to-wear brands.

The boutique is also stocks some amazing Ghanaian brands and is now even hosting popular fashion brand Jants Collection.

So why is the role very important for African brands. About a year ago, a few designers requested FashionGHANA to do the same and execute a shop that will host space rented by various designers, however, despite knowing it was definitely one of the ways forward, with all on our shoulders it was too much to take on. To discover Pearl Amoah executing this for Ghanaian designer brands is a step in the right direction.

Most of our designers admire the vast stocking of major European brands and hope to oneday make that beautiful outfit that would be loved around the world and stocked everywhere. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, your designing doesn’t sell your brand, instead your branding sells your designs.

This is the problem the boutiques are having. The designers are not ready to go full force with their branding and promotion. Instead they hope for their clothes to be stocked, and either magically sell or the boutiques do that for them. By engaging in boutiques like PAF outlet, the stocking is at your own cost, this will drive designer to push for their clients to enter and buy via serious promotion and branding.

It will teach them a grand lesson of sales vs costs from a boutique owner’s point of view and give them thee right dedication to generate demand as opposed to the boutiques buying their clothes and then taking a back seat.

Yes, it will be more costly for the designers having to create the stock before purchased, whilst promoting etc. But the moment sales begins and returns are made, the business grows and more outifts are produced and stocked. And hopefully it may get to the stage where this can expand out of one area and into others until we have boutiques in every area making our fashion brands accessible.

Designer can find the PAF oulet at Junction Mall, Nungua, Mokwe St, Accra. For more information contact +233 50 892 3986.

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