Senyo Foli is a long standing brand with it’s prime focus on quality and style. Although it has been around for a fair amount of time, Senyo Foli made a major public break through 2 years ago, on Accra Fashion Week 2016, where they took to the runway to prove an essential importance of quality.

Attention to detail, design and uniqueness of every piece – these are the hallmark of Senyo Foli, an African fashion brand that makes men and women’s clothing.


Hence why despite its general popularity, the African brand still maintains its clientelle base. The Afrocentric high fashion brand is carefully crafted piece by piece with an attitude of perfection.


The head designer and founder, Senyo Foli has worked for some of the best-known fashion brands in the country, gaining experience from the likes of Kwesi Nti, where he was responsible for the women’s line. He also worked at MKOGH, where he designed street wear and t-shirt applique.

According to the founder, at Senyo Foli every piece a new canvas, and every design is a work of art that endeavours to make every client ‘a walking Mona Lisa’

“We don’t just manufacture clothes; we design them in the classic sense of the word. Our brand represents quality bespoke clothing and tailoring with a touch of class.”


“ My biggest inspiration as an artist is history – the great civilizations of the past, their art, architecture, their hard work, efforts and achievements. The grandeur and quality of everything they did, devoid of mediocrity. It makes me want to contribute.”


“ But fashion- wise I’m inspired by people and their lifestyles; fabrics and textures detailing and finishes. Basically I work best when excited about the different elements, the people I work for etc.”

Clients often acknowledge his fabric selection as one of his strong points. Some have described Senyo Foli as intense, meticulous, and as a perfectionist, a trait that runs though his establishment. Based in Accra, the company requires and maintains a team of highly skilled staff that is specialized in different areas of garment making.


The company Senyo Foli White Wings was registered in 2007 and the brand Senyo Foli launched 3 years later in 2010. The designer set out to build a world-class brand that is strong, sophisticated, sexy and classy. And so the company’s client base has gone on to include international admirers, some of Ghana’s elite to anyone who has needed to afford an occasional something special.




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