Ghana’s Spiked Shoe Take Over! Can This Trend Survive? Men & Women


There is a growing trend, and it involves spikes. Goths have been living on the spikey end for quite a while, but this growing trend is not stemming from anything goth related. It seems to be a more familiar look with the Nikki Minaj and Rhiana culture (or at least that’s what I call it).

Already common and around town is the spiked bra that can now be seen on some girls with open tops in a club, which I am sure many of you have seen. In fact you can catch a glimpse of one at video we recorded in December by clicking here and watching 0.29sec . Interestingly, that day I was held at the door as press for some time, and I recall more than 5 girls walking in with the spike bra.

The spike trend has already started with the shoes, or at least in Ghana. In the past two days I spotted two different ladies wearing them ‘CASUALLY’ in town. Not in a club or at an event, one at the mall the other at Osu.


Ladies have always paid attention to shoes guys never cared about, most times not even remembering what shoes their lady companion wore. Could this be the kick guys need to know what their female friend is actually wearing.


What happens when someone steps on your shoes? Can you walk away, I mean can you really walk away or would you make use of the wine glass in your hands. I mean, these spikes are not glue-able.


And it’s not only ladies that will be introduced to the spike culture on shoes. Are men ready to wear it. Are you?


Any ladies willing to get some spike shoes for their men. Create a savvy but hardrock appeal for him. But be sure he has the clothes to match. I’ve not come across a male in them yet, but if you decide to be the first we will publish you pictures right here.


Now, the next question, would there be a kente or ankara version?


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