It is one thing to know how to dress and another thing to not allow yourself to be drowned in any outfit whatsoever, So many get it right when it come to the outfit choice they choose or the color or style pattern but you begin to wonder when they walk or sit, or do any physical activity wearing that dress and you would wonder or even dare to ask yourself did anyone force them to be in that dress or something. No one forced you to be in a pencil black skirt and peplum white top with a black 9inch heels, so why then are you walking like some robot who is about to head to the firing squad, why not check what best suits you and go with it. We know it is difficult you want to actually fit in with the dress code and things so if you truly want to go all out then we had suggest that you get yourself some in-depth knowledge on how to actually wear that outfit. By now as a style enthusiast you should understand that style is a form of art and you need to be abreast with every inch of it because it evolves every single time. We must warn that this is going to be one lengthy article so we would entreat you to have some hot chocolate by your side as you glance through.

With that being said we would pardon you because we believe that most of you have no clue that most of the style choices you choose has some level of Do’s and Don’t that attaches to it, now to make you have  a clearer picture of what we mean, when on the dining table they always tell you it is a bad habit to not talk whilst eating guess what there are so many bad habits when it comes to style, one of such bad habits is wearing a certain kind of heels and you have not mastered the art of wearing heels and each time you take a step you keep tripping off here and there, please no one wants to see a humpty dumpy cladded in a Little Black Dress (LBD) if you don’t know how to wear heels, then we suggest you learn but while you are it please do well to go for a flat shoe which is more convenient for you.

To get straight into it clothing etiquette is defined as ‘knowing what is appropriate to wear for a particular occasions’. For example:

  • Black is the standard colour to a funeral, as opposed to a bright yellow or pink.
  • Lighter colours are worn to weddings, and seldom black (unless specified) although it seems to be in trend at the moment.
  • Bright colours and short items are not worn in court.

No matter how great you look, when looked at in isolation, wearing something really great for the wrong occasion can totally take away your elegance and style. Let’s take jeans for example, as these are nearly worn by everyone, every day. So naturally, one often has to wear them appropriately as they transition through the day and various activities. Let’s look at a Saturday for example, where one may run most of their errands, have a coffee date and end the day with a fun and social evening. We’ll use boyfriend jeans in this scenario. People pass judgment on you based on how you look, how you act, and how respectful you are to others. Give yourself every advantage by following proper fashion etiquette guidelines.


Professional Fashion

When dressing for the workplace, you need to consider the environment and dress code of the company. Most companies today request business casual, but there are still some that want their employees to come to work in professional business attire. Many offices allow casual attire (jeans and T-shirts) every day of the week and not just casual Friday. Professional business attire requirements mean you should wear a suit, hose, and closed-toed shoes. Jewelry should be understated and not flashy.

Personal Style

When you are with friends, almost anything goes. Just make sure you don’t dress in an offensive manner that might embarrass, humiliate, anger, or annoy your pals. Before you step outside your door, take time to do some grooming. Shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wear clothing that suits the occasion, and check yourself in the mirror one last time.

Consider the Event

Always consider the event and venue before choosing an outfit. If you are attending a church wedding, you’ll probably want to wear something dressier than if the vows will be exchanged on a beach. If in doubt, you can contact the bride, groom, or someone from the bridal party. Funerals are somber occasions, but that does not mean you have to wear black unless the family of the deceased requests it for religious or cultural purposes. However, you don’t want to dress like you’re going to a garden party or out to a nightclub either. Be respectful and dress in something conservative that doesn’t stand out. This is not the time to be flamboyant.

Age Appropriateness

You want to dress your age. This doesn’t mean that if you are a grandmother you should wear a shirtdress, apron, and dowdy shoes. It simply means that you should cover up any parts of your body that have started to sag or drag, and have support for anything that gravity has caused to droop. The older you are the more tailored your clothing should be. Gauzy tops that the older woman wore back in her teen years will make her look like she dug her outfit out of someone’s garbage can. While young women may look cute wearing cheap, bold fashion jewelry, older women may look like bag ladies in the same pieces. It’s always better to wear less jewelry of a higher quality than a ton of cheap shiny bling.


Ok we would have to pause here, we would like you to go through this few style etiquette tips and see where you fall short, and make amends as you can see they are not something conjured from mars or something they are things that a part of our daily lives and it is either we are oblivious to them or just ignorant either way that is why we at FashionGHANA would make sure to give you all the 411 style tips when it comes to your style because when you are confident with what you wear that actually transcends to the other aspects of your life. Look out for our more detailed style etiquette tips in the coming days as you wine down into the holiday season we are looking forward to a more stylish you in the coming year.

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