#fGSTYLE: These Fashionistas Show Us Why African Print Are Best Worn In Black


Choosing the right type of kimono requires a sense of style and a body that best fits into the garment. The way it is worn and the different accessories adorned to go with it sends a subtle message about the woman wearing it. But how does black inner wears create a whole new impression on the outfit?


The African wax print Kimono grabs attention with its bright colors and unique style, and implores a combination of blacks clothes (mostly worn inside) to go with it. As this clothing becomes more and more popular, the knowledge of how to dress in it is also key for anyone who chooses to wear it because it is quite a different dressing to put on.


Take good look at how these ladies rocked their outfits and you can tell how style stunning they look. African print Kimono tries to define who the owner really is by the confidence that one commands along with the look.

If you know how well to carry yourself in these kinds of Kimono no longer should you wonder, “why is that person staring at me?”. If you want to grab attention with your Kimono, select the best styles that really suits you with your black inner wear and make it work the magic for you.


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