Time To Breakup With Your Makeup: 5 Warning Indications You Are Using The Wrong Makeups

by Naa
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Do you sometimes find your skin really dry and others times shinier than patent leather or at other times struggle with acne? Perhaps it’s time to rethink the products you are currently using if you are seeing more setbacks than results.

Here’s some warning signs to look out for.


Breakouts can form in response to using the wrong products, especially because small, red bumps may show that your skin is reacting to something negatively. But, to determine if your products are actually the source of your breakouts, it’s best to allow time for your skin to adjust to them, and be very observant of any changes you may notice.

Shiny Face 

Oily skin may be the norm for some, but if oil usually isn’t a concern for you, then perhaps your product formulas are affecting your skin.The skin contains a natural layer of oil that acts as a protective barrier, so when harsh cleansers and creams strip this layer, the skin immediately goes into a repair mode and produces excess oil to compensate for the damage. This usually causes oil production to increase, making your skin feel like a grease trap. So, to keep the greasiness down, trying a weekly charcoal mask, which will help absorb any excess oil.

 Streaky And Unblended Makeup Looks

Trust me No one and I mean no one looks good in a streaky, unblended makeup. It’s time to switch products if that’s the case, and also learn to blend properly for a gorgeous, even look.

Accept Changes
You have surely bought new clothes since high school, and it’s pretty likely that your overall style and taste has changed a lot, but some of people are still wearing the same makeup they did a decade ago. As your skin changes over time, you need to change your makeup, too and as you age your skin needs different formulations of foundation, concealer, powder, etc.

Your friends respond with “LOL” when you Snapchat an earnest photo of your makeup.


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