Jewelry is all about class, elegance, and sophistication. From history, jewelry is reserved for the loyal family. They were for those who had the money to spend. They were used on special occasions such as weddings and parties. Plus, the jewelry industry has greatly evolved, giving rise to create pieces that are taking the world by storm. In a nutshell, the punk wave is real. It’s creating shockwaves while giving jewelry lovers lots of options on the market. Jewelry trends are always coming and going. But the truth is that there are those which keep evolving too. Here are some of the freshest trends that are defining 2020 and will help you stay stylish as far as your pieces of jewelry are concerned.

The Basics

Do you still remember the exact piece of jewelry you were obsessed with a few years ago? Remember when you used to wear a silver ring on every single finger? Well, some trends come and vanish quickly, but some have longer staying power.

For instance, shells extend way beyond the beach as well as the summer months. In the few years, it was difficult to predict that a pair of conch hoops would perfectly finish off an evening gown.

You’ll be surprised to see how easy it’s to mix and match gemstone rainbow rings plus bracelets, introducing an element of playfulness into your look. All you need is to choose a color and style that perfectly suits your needs.

Armando Grilloimaxtree

This trend comes with colorful shapes plus hard-to-miss sizes. So, be sure to make some space in your jewelry box for these wonderful styles.  From extra bright shades to gold accents, there’s quite a lot to consider. For instance, you may want to try pairing a choker necklace with your favorite tee or some oversized clear hoops.

Shell necklaces are also available in oversized styles, such as scallops and spiral-shaped pieces.

Alessandro Vieroimaxtree

Want to add something classic and more sophisticated to your collection? Well, a pink gold bracelet can be a nice option. Pair it with your go-to watch for enhanced style. This accessory has definitely risen above the rest. If you haven’t yet bought a chunky chain necklace, it’s time you add one to your shopping cart. It offers exceptional elegance and style. Plus, there are numerous jewelry shades to choose from.

If you already have a massive collection of gold and silver jewelry, consider trying something more vibrant with rainbow hues.

Victor Virgilegetty

Tropical jewelry is an incredible way to heat up your style. This year, it’s all about bird-like shapes. If all you need is a modern update, you may want to consider trying a simple delicate style. Wear an open-back dress and let the lariat style rape down your spine in a stylish way.



Classic Parisian Jewelry

With this jewelry, you’ve access to layers of gold chains and cameo rings, as well as pearls. Whether you prefer subtle or choose to wear it overstate, Classic Parisian jewelry will definitely give you a charming look. This year, there was a sense of boldness in the air, which inspired unique reinventions of the Parisian staples. The pearl necklace was embroidered with rhinestones and was then worn asymmetrically. Plus, the anklet was resurfaced in modish, fine gold. 

The Punk

Grungy, androgynous silhouettes dominated the runways, with check prints plus boxy designs evoking the bold spirit of the late 1970s. At that time, jewelry was key to everyone’s looks.

Statement Earrings

These earrings are strikingly long and oversized. They hung with mismatched adornments that are impossible to slip by unnoticed.

What about the Rhinestone?

Overstated and tailor-made, rhinestones are well-suited for the party girl. They’re elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab yours today and take your experience to the next level.

Color Explosion is now the Real Deal

Large, neon jewelry pieces are an incredible way to add a touch to your look. With throwback pieces, such as Jacquemus and bourgeois, you’ll definitely create a lasting impression. You may also want to consider settling for bold, curtain-like tassel earrings. They’re classic and will inject a feel of sophistication into your style.

In this style, earrings are complimented with signatures and necklaces were stamped with logos. On the other hand, jewels formed tiny initials, allowing designers to pay visits to the heritage of the houses.

Who Said That The Oversized Chain-Links Cannot Make You Classy?

Chain-link jewels are uniquely crafted with both earrings as well as chokers packing force into any look. Pair them with other classic pieces and you’ll be impressed by their beauty and elegance.

Trinkets Will Elevate Your Looks

With stylish bracelets and trombones, trinkets offer outstanding unpredictability. There’s so much you can do with this jewelry trend. Just be sure to make choose the best pieces and you’ll be good to go.

Crystals Galore Will Instantly Uplift Your Looks

Style expressionists like Ariana Grande are now leading a comeback in magnificent statement crystals and diamond jewelry, particularly in the form of earrings. With glamorous jewelry trend, you’ve access to flashy initial block earrings as well as jewel-emblazoned necklaces that’ll the classy look you truly deserve.

In 2020, Nothing Will Stop the Coin Charms

Coin charms have been an attractive element in jewelry for many decades and they’re currently having a resurgence. Custom-made necklaces are outfitted with hand-graved coin-inspired charms plus medallions that you can readily personalize with your initials or names. The Love Token necklace, for example, allows you to keep names near to your heart in a vintage-inspired style.

The Power of the Big Hearts  

Fashion influencers, Instagram stars, major designers, and renowned celebrities are now wearing their hearts on their sleeves and around their necks as well as earlobes. This trend of larger-than-life heart jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and is showing up in metals, stones, plus colored enamel.  

Stacked Rings Are Going To Take Your Looks to another New Level

Perfect jewelry styling isn’t all about what you wear. How you wear it also matters. In today’s fashion era where boho-chic has taken center stage, the most create fashionistas are quickly embracing the art of stacking. While thin rings are the simplest to stack, you can also choose to mix in large, statement rings with more subtle pieces.

Ideally, Three Sisters Jewelry rings were designed to be stacked. From personalized hand-stamped name rings to narrow birthstone bands, there are numerous ways to wear them stacked ring trend.

2020 is All about Asymmetrical Earrings

Earrings don’t always have to match. Trendsetting celebrities like Emma Watson, Meghan Markel, and Gwyneth Paltrow have all worn asymmetrical earrings at one point in their lives. It’s also all over the runway.

Wearing asymmetrical earrings allows you to show off more of your collection as well as your unique creative touch. Try wearing an initial earring in one lobe and juxtaposing it with a stylish diamond stud in the other.


Custom Jewelry Design: All You Should Know

Following the trend isn’t that easy. Plus, keeping up with it can be tricky—especially if you don’t have the time. So, if you find yourself turning left when your friends are taking their game in the right direction, then you are a candidate for custom made jewelry. So, whether you are finding a trend to be trivial or you don’t have the capacity to keep up with the trend, custom jewelry got you covered. However, you should understand what customization is and types of custom made jewelry. Here is how you should know about custom jewelry design.

Start By Translating the Vision

Vision is important. So, whether you are looking to give custom jewelry to your friends or family members, it is advisable to have a clear vision. Think about the type (i.e. a ring, necklace, or earring) and the shape you want to achieve. For instance, consider visualizing whether you want to bottom, drop earring, or a rectangular pendant. The bottom line is to walk your vision into the custom jewelry. However, be sure to be creative in your designs. All your sketches should exude creativity and uniqueness.

Provide All the Necessary Details

Details can make or break your custom jewelry. So, don’t ignore the detail of your custom jewelry. Consider what the wearer prefers. For instance, while some people will go for platinum other love gold. Also, styles such as gold, sterling silver, and tungsten are common in jewelry wearers. Decide the type of gemstone you prefer. Is it diamonds or colored gemstones? Do you prefer gem-quality minerals? What about your explicit style? These are the questions you should answer before choosing custom jewelry. Paying close attention to the details is key.

Schedule a Meeting with Your Jeweler

Book an appointment with your jeweler. However, if your jewelry doesn’t specialize in designing custom jewelry, consider asking him or her for recommendations. With referrals, you can be sure of getting a partner that you can trust. Also, don’t show your sketch to the jewelry before seeing his/her previous custom based pieces. If he/she doesn’t have real pieces, request to see pictures. Observe carefully. Ensure that the rings are round. Make sure that the pieces are of superior finishes.

Leave Emotions At Home

When designing a special piece of jewelry for someone you love, always remember the business aspect of the process. Don’t get swept up in emotion. Before the jewelry is created, get everything in writing, including your responsibilities and the jeweler’s, an appraisal that indicates it’s a custom design, as well as what elements the jewelry will contain. And of course, you shouldn’t forget the warranty!

Review the Sketch

Show the sketch and explain everything you want. Take time to check all the materials and dimensions. Let the jeweler understand your needs and refine the sketch to create detailed designs as well as drawings. They can make this adjustment by hand or through computer-aided design (CAD).

Besides, the jeweler will make the necessary revisions to ensure that the jewelry is wearable and stable. With a tablet, he or she will also be able to interpret your sketch and give you a real-time estimate of how much it will cost.

Make Revisions and Give A Final Appeal

Make regular visits to the jewelry store. And whenever there’s need, give revisions. Before approving the design, ensure that everything is okay. Once you fully contend, let the jeweler know so that he or she can start making CAD drawings or a wax model showcasing different angles of how the end product will look.

So, be sure that you like the model before giving your final approval. Remember, making changes after this point will cost additional money and might even necessitate starting over. Since wax models are often demolished in the casting process, you won’t be able to get that back.

The Expectations

If you choose to invest in custom jewelry, you must be prepared to wait a little longer than if you bought something directly from your jeweler’s showcase. Plus, it costs more since the materials will be ordered individually, after which the model, as well as the final jewelry, will then be created. And this involves time and labor.

Ideally, you should allow about one to two months from the time you order your custom jewelry until the time the finished products are delivered to your hand. Considerable time is required to create the final piece of jewelry.

Despite the challenges, customized designs are typically heirloom pieces that are treasured by the recipients. They’re often passed down through generations along with interesting stories of their creation. And that’s exactly what makes them unique and precious. 

The Bottom-Line

2019 is gone. 2020 is here. It has so much in store, especially for jewelry lovers. Creativity is taking center stage when it comes to designing new jewelry pieces. The above are top trends that are defining the jewelry industry in 2020. So, don’t be left behind. Purchase custom jewelry Calgary at and stay classy. From classic Parisian jewelry to asymmetrical earrings—these are the trends that are currently rocking 2020. Subscribe into the punk wave and let your jewelry do the talking.

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