Trend Alert: Africa Earrings Picking Up Fast


African fashion has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of years, an international trend as shown here on this very website from Brazil, to USA, to Haiti, to France, to Switzerland and more. In fact if your head is buried in a magazine that doesn’t expose this you are buried in ‘Out Of Touch’.

However, it’s not only African fashion that is setting the world on fire, the African map itself is running to the forefront of the fashion trends and it’s starting off with earrings.


Here is how our boutique works, we have a time line of activities of which we aim to get products to cater for various people, including both genders with different styles. Somewhere along the lines, we stop to fulfill the requests of our followers who may ask for a product they want.

We were recently asked if had any ‘Africa Earrings’. So we took the time to go to the market to get some. Upon arriving to our favourite vendor, she informed us she had sold out, but shes made a bulk order for over 500 from the carvers, so we should return in a couple of days. We decided to walk around but all vendors of the earrings had sold out.

We then returned a few days later and she still didn’t have them, we assumed she hadn’t received her bulk order only to find out they had sold out to passer byes and other international orders she had received. This was technically the same story across the other vendors who were waiting for more supplies. Luckily we found a lady who was just about to close her shop that managed to get us a good number of her products.

Shortly it then made sense why there had been so many various pictures with ladies dawning Africa earrings. What is more intriguing is that all vendors said it was within the recent 3-4 weeks the demands started pouring in from both Ghanaians and western foreigners. This may be the right time to be inline with trendy Africa! See some images below.







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