#TRENDALERT: Breathable Nose Masks, The Next African Fashion Trend Designers & Fashionistas Should Focus On!

by Nana Tamakloe
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In order to understand this next fashion trend, we will need to take note of two things, culture, and health. When we look at culture, there is no doubt African’s especially us here in Ghana took the nose mask epidemic to the next level.

Why Aren’t African Fashion Designers Capitalizing On Nose Masks During The #COVID19 Outbreak?


Yes, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci came up with one or two customized masks but nothing really rocked the designer nose mask scene like Ghanaian designers. In fact, a recent hilarious meme simply broke this down below.

Embracing this fabulous piece of accessory has been a landmark in African fashion, and it is very likely even when the pandemic is over nose masks will still be an essential part of our fashion here in Ghana.


However, many do not know but wearing nose masks comes with many health risks. Despite the CDC encouraging the essential wear of nose masks many health experts have spoken against it, and some advice only to wear it in crowded places.

I mean we are talking about FDA nose masks where one can’t blow a candle through, how can this be a good avenue of breathing in oxygen. Moreover according to the WHO (world health organisation) “There was no evidence that wearing a mask in the community prevented healthy people from picking up respiratory infections including Covid-19”- GaurdianGaurdian

So as far as health goes, wearing a nose mask is actually working against your interest. Moreover it gets very uncomfortable steam and hot under the nose masks. Especially in Ghana in the humid weather, we see many people in public with nose masks pulled down their faces. Now if that isn’t enough to make you think twice, watch this video of the lady throwing a tantrum about wearing nose masks.

So when the dust is all settled, Africans being as stylish as we are are still going to wait to maintain the creative, artistic and fashionable aspect of wearing nose masks, but without embracing the uncomfortable and unhealthy results of the dire health risks of the current non breathable ones in town.

At this point, real fashion designer brands should consider in advance stylish face peices (because then they won’t be nose masks right) that could decorate their clothes as this will further be the style trend extension from nose masks as of inspiration from the item below worn by Ghanaian actress Haillie Sumney. Don’t expect this trend any time soon, but expect it!

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