Trending- Brim and Floppy Hats



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There’s nothing like a great hat to put the full stop on an outfit. Trending is the wide-brimmed hat styles emerging from head to shoulders and in all colors.

Not only does it dress up a casual outfit nicely, it can also easily be paired with a dress, making it look like you’re dressed up but relaxed at the same time.

As we stylishly step into the new season, one trend that follows through is the brim and Floppy Hat. Whether worn by celebrities or Us, we will not be seen without this du jour!



Choose yours wisely: the stiffness of the fabric, the pinch in the crown, and the generosity of the brim all work to alter a hat’s mood.

The floppy hat can be worn on a regular day in the sun or to the beach or pool which protects your skin against the direct sun, Pair your bikini with a floppy hat and you are good to go.

Think cool by teaming your hat with a floor length skirt and a loose lace shirt for a total boho look.



Or have us envious with a pencil skirt and a white button up shirt for a fabulous look.


The most amazing thing about the brim hat is that its Unisex, so you and your bf can switch it up anytime.


In a rich hue, pair it with your black shorts, white shirt and a chic blazer for an effortless elegance look.


Add a floppy hat to your outfit for a chic everyday look.


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