Vape As A Fashion Accessory – Making A Perfect Fashion Statement

by Nana Tamakloe
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Are you an active smoker? Smoking is seen as a powerful trait of wealthy people, thanks to our media for projecting dynamic men and women with cigarettes. You must have seen elites lighting high-power cigars, while gorgeous women were smoking traditional ones. Previously, smoking was seen as a cool habit, making it a symbol of desirability and fashion. The majority of the people only used to smoke for keeping up with fashion trends.

In the 21st century, we are witnessing a technological revolution. Whether it is smartphones, tech-savvy software, or modern appliances, everything runs on technology. As a result, people are switching to electronic cigarettes, vape. It is the newest wrinkle in the market as everyone is obsessing over it. Alongside being far safer from cigarettes, the vape is the latest fashion accessory of 2020. After all, the design of these devices is second to none, adding style to every look.

Are you ready to make fashion statements? Here is everything you should know about vape.



Believe it or not, fashion is mainly about chasing after the trends left behind by high-end designers and celebs. The young generation admires people that inhale vape juices and puff vapors, considering it cool and trendy. Vapes that look sleek and modern can pump your outfit immediately. The small and compact size makes it the perfect style accessory. Whether you opt for mini, advanced vape, or simple pens, it adds flair to your look and can bring you to the forefront of FAD in minutes.

Do you want to find one for yourself? Lookup for a credible vape store online that has a wide array of designs and styles. Moreover, if you are a fashion-forward person, but with an elegant persona, you can opt for a vape pod rather than a pen. Similarly, if you are fond of sports, a brightly colored vaping pen or box mod will be a perfect choice. With the phone in one palm, consider carrying vape in another hand to add some spirit in your look.



As vape popularity continues to increase, manufacturers are surprising people with innovative shapes and sleek designs. You can find a vaping device in multiple colors to pick one that matches your outfit. Vape designers are actively collaborating with top-notch designers to combine style with functionality, giving them more than a sophisticated appearance. They are initiating designs that suit the needs of vapers and collectors. Hence, you can find vapes in marble, wood, resin, and other materials.

Unsurprisingly, vape mod is considered a style accessory by most fashionistas due to its design. If we talk about celebs, Oliva Alexander took the social media by a storm with her embellished vaporizer. All the hype and stir made her start a business out of it. Most people have multiple vapes to carry a separate one with each outfit since it does not cost them a fortune.



Millennials are welcoming technology with open arms and have a keen interest in electronic devices. Haven’t you found yourself next to a smartphone, tablet, or electronic device that ooze modern times? After all, the more high-tech, the more modern and fashion person looks. In today’s era, the vape is the most desirable accessory. They are inhaling different flavored vape juice, while puffing smoke considers as the latest fashion trend of 2020.

The vaping community is growing every day because people see it as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. It has become the fashion group of modern eras, bringing people from different backgrounds together. Lawyers, entrepreneurs, and construction workers find themselves under the same roof, using vape as the conversation starter. Sooner or later, every person might not follow, but they have to adopt the vape culture positively.



Believe it or not, but the vaping culture offers more than a smoking experience. Nowadays, vapers are showing their devotion by flaunting vape outfits, introducing a new urban fashion wave. It is similar to street-style trends, but its popularity is inimitable. You would see all the 2000s streetwear making its comeback in the industry to support the vaping culture.

People are dressing up in t-shirts, oversized hoodies, and baseball caps to reflect the vape mod. Simultaneously, others are following up on this trend by getting their hands-on vape. Alongside being cheaper, it follows a unique style, an ideal choice for people who crave change. After all, the future is all about impressive vape devices, and soon you would spot supermodels combing fashion and vaping.



The health risks associated with cigarettes make it a deadly fashion trend. It damages the lungs, heart, teeth, and even lead to mouth cancers. As people recognize these drawbacks are not worth the following fashion, the concept of electronic cigarettes is creating an uproar. Tech-savvy people are switching to the clean option of vapes. As per the cancer research in the UK, vaping was found to be 95% safer than cigarettes. Alongside this, vaping also helps fight smoking relating diseases, making people quit.

However, before making your mind, look at both sides of the story. Consider the drawbacks of vaping, if any, and then carry on with exclusive fashion statements.



Fashion trends come and go, but ones that are affordable for everyone to stay forever. An accessory, belt, cufflinks, wallet from a high-end brand can cost you a fortune, but this not the case with vaping pens. The affordability of vaping devices is another reason why people are obsessing over it. You can find it for as low as $50 without any compromise on quality. Moreover, it is an accessory that will last a lifetime with no additional expenditure on repair or maintenance.

Most importantly, using e-cigarettes is the most pocket-friendly way of curbing the bad smoking habit. If you match it with the costs of cigarettes, it is slightly higher, but the ongoing costs are way cheaper.



Approximately 55 million people will own a vaping device by 2021. Many people are switching to vaping to quit smoking, but more than that, people see it as a new fashion accessory. The sleek designs, embellishments, and paintings on vaping pens and devices are creating exotic style statements. Celebrities have been spotted flashing these cool devices while promoting a positive message.


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