Victoria Barbara And Ama Godson Just Showed Us A Fashion Hack That Can Revamp Our Look

by Onyeka Ben
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Welcome to today’s fashion style hack 101 article, we are loving the new style inventions going on lately no one seems to be afraid in exploring a possible way to look a certain way and the result has been phenomenal, this look has got to be one of the trickiest ways to style up and if you don’t have that style touch might be caught wearing a fall outfit for summer but trust us that this Knit sweater can be worn in a way that confidently fit in as a summer look or a fall look that would depend on how you pair up your look. Two of our favourite fashion style experts Victoria Barbara and Ama Godson, just took us to style school and gave us the best ways to style up this season must-have Knit Sweater.

Victoria Bárbara Montalvo, better known under the name Victoria Barbara, is an American model and fashion/lifestyle, blogger, initially a fitness model at the beginning of her career, Barbara eventually expanded into the fashion, swimsuit, and lifestyle spaces after being signed by Wilhelmina in 2016. Recently Victoria shared a beautiful image wearing an off-white knit sweater over an oversized white long-sleeve shirt, on a normal day the oversized shirt would have just been a regular style which we have seen over and over again and truthfully we are actually getting tired of it, we would rather prefer seeing the oversized top on you in your bedroom but Victoria switched her normal look by adding the Knit sweater which came in an off-white so as not to overshadow the main outfit (over-sized white top) and a complimenting white kinky boots.

What do you think of this look, want to copy this look there are many ways to style your own look just in case you want to hide the shirt a pair of denim jeans (kindly go for black or blue jeans for this one, although there are many denim colours out there) would be perfect kindly tuck in the shirt and allow the knit sweater to have a field day to shine, another option is jeans short, or a pencil skirt with a long-sleeve (colour of your choice) and obviously the knit sweater. If you wouldn’t want to go with the kinky boots as seen on Victoria then a block heels or a normal traditional black heels would finish up the look.

Our black sisters haven’t disappointed us one bit and one of such folks is our Ghanaian-British style blogger Ama Godson who is the founder of 7th Close, Ama Godson the style influencer established the Ama Godson blog in 2018 during the mist of her busy schedule as a stylist, fashion designer and Brand Director of menswear brand Ama Bonsu. During her everyday life, she found young ladies and women always asking and wanting to know what she was wearing and how they could style a particular top or shoe they recently bought. She would also tell them how she would have put the outfit together however it got to the point were she was making such a significant impact offline as a style influencer that she decided to create an online presence whereby people worldwide could see how she styled various outfits/ looks. After growing an instagram following to 14,000 in 9 months, Ama went on to create which is now the hub for all her style tips, inspiration and fashion ideas. 7th Close is a London-based ladieswear brand designed to provide ready to wear luxury essential sets for the modern woman. Founded by Stylist and Style blogger Ama Godson, 7th CLOSE endeavours to provide a destination for providing style on a hanger by creating classic matching sets that require minimum styling and can be worn in the evenings as well as the daytime. 7th CLOSE is all about creating garments for the woman who wants to feel empowered, strong and stylish all at the same embracing all areas of femininity and encouraging confidence starting with a well crafted and tailored outfit. So it is no surprise that Ama got it right when she also jumped on this unchartered fashion trend. For her, Ama chose to wear an almost identical look as Victoria but thankfully she switched it up by wearing black leather pants and leather heels, One Word ‘POWER’, nothing to fault with this look as it fits perfectly on her, taking a look at the top side of the look you had to think she is some Nun on the gram but look at how she was able to revamp the ordinary look by attaching the knit sweater and yes that batman lookalike shades are gorgeous. Other options to wear with this style is going for an A-line skirt or possibly a high-waist pants and long-sleeve shirts.


Although there are many options on how to pair up the knit sweaters we must warn that it would mostly go with a long-sleeve shirt and a skirt, jeans or pants. We wont suggest you go with a short-sleeve as you would look hideous and might just be reliving your Senior high schools days and girl that’s not what you intended with these look in the first place.


Images Courtsey amagodson_a

Victoria Barbara


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