VIDEO: Are Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks Still Competing For The Top Black Model Title

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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naomiSo Tyra Banks (39) covers the Fault magazine issue, whilst Naomi (43) is still walking the runway alongside 16 and 17 year olds for Gianni Versace. The media always makes things out to be more than it is, never the less something can always be seen as they really are.

Naomi Capbell and Tyra Banks both began their modelling careers at a very young age and have made a lot of history as well as carrying a great flag for “black” or “ethnic” models on the fashion industry.

There is almost no other model that has had a longer lasting presence in the fashion industry as these two models still gracing front covers of magazines and runway shows as if they were teenagers. In the old times there were lots of reports about the two having clashes, some of these clashes came into the open, some of them might have simply been media hype.



But there is always that one questions that remains, what keeps these women going even at the age they are at. Tyra Banks who owns the well known franchise, Next Top Model, has continuously been seen to be modelling even during her TV show where she exhibits her capabilities for the girls. Naomi who still remains a runways queen and also recently covered Vogue Brazil.

They might not be at each others throats, they might be at peace ever since the Tyra Banks interview with Naomi Campbell, but could their everlasting presence in the modelling industry be some hidden competition between the two that this generations media might not even be aware. Is there a secret mission at the back of both their minds to be the last black super model standing. Their longevity in the industry is really interesting, considering their age, their appeal, and their popularity.

Despite which ever it may be we say congratulations to the two ladies for the enormous catalogue of work and contributions to the fashion industry world wide, nevertheless their will to remain in the industry is something to think about. Here is a flashback video of the cringing interview when Naomi was invited to the Tyra Banks show. For those who might have missed this section of the trail of the two giants.

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Sandra Amakohene July 18, 2013 - 12:55 pm

tyra is good and popular but naomi is the legend. she has been through so much and she is still continue. she is very strong naomi is the best.

MonJôli skin December 29, 2013 - 8:14 pm

They’re both gorgeous women–looking even better as they’re getting old


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