Video: Black Gums Are Beautiful, Red Gums Are Not! Beautiful Senegal Girls Who Tattoo Their Gums



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Beyond the skin lightening poison going on in Nigeria, Togo and South Africa (and I literally mean poison), at least some parts of Africa are darkening something, although were are talking about gums. Not only is it fashionable in some areas of Senegal to have your gums blackened and tattooed, but it is also a culture that dates back African ancestry [as claimed by the gum tattooist] and even more so a healthy act that enforces white teeth and prevents bad breath. All for less that $1.50. On the other hard it is a painful procedure, watch the video below. The read further.

As you can see, the lady in the video forgoes a harmful process, very similar to the old days when colleagues of mine will go for normal body tattoos and discuss the pain. However, with new age technology in the west, body tattoos are not of any harm. So we await the day when technology in Africa can advance gum tattooing, if it really is as the healthy process as described by the lady tattooist.

“Listen to me, tattooed gums and a silver tooth: that’s what’s attractive. A woman should not have red gums. Her gums need to be dark. A nice smile attracts men. A nice smile with white teeth.” Although the translator in the video made what one can say as an error, the lady did not refer to silver tooth as in like the gold tooth style, but more as a description for a shiny tooth as in clear white teeth. A direct translation can be misleading.

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