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South Sudan Model Stories 

Not to write an article from a personal angle, however I would like to say, as a former model manager in UK, when I show extra admiration for Naomi Campbell, most of those will never understand why, but that is because most will never know what it took her to get to where she is. I don’t know, but I am very sure it was a whole lot of hell. Hence why this video by Ajak Deng Makes a whole lot of sense.

The south Sudanese model took to instagram to complain bitterly about how lonely she is at the top. Threatened to take her life away letting viewers know if she does it it is because of IMG model, her agency. In more explanation she talked about how people are constantly telling her she needs to be better and putting herself down. Watch below.

We will kindly ask all friends and family to attend to her as soon as possible, and probably request to exits the world of modelling. This is not the first time Ajak Deng has gone on a rant, she did so in 2016 in the article below.

Ajak Deng Returns To The Fake And Full Of Lies Fashion World, Then Deletes The Announcement Post


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