VIDEO: ‘Camera’s Were Not Made For Dark Skin’ This Video Explains How Photography Is Not Skin Deep

by Nana Tamakloe

The fashion world is definitely a camera based industry, and almost every week there is a racist based story and in fact more stories that trickle from it. So much so that these days we tend to ignore a lot of it. However you will be surprised that racism even exists within those who aren’t, due to the simple products they use, such as… guessed it, Cameras.


Now how does the non racist white photographer tell you that he can’t do your pictures without being called a racist? Or he does it and they don’t like as good as that of the ones he did with white people at which he would be called a racist. Well the revalations of this video might speak to just that.

The video explain the history of Camera making and how the original film cameras were developed with chemicals missing to develop black skin tones, until the demand by furniture companies and chocolate manufacturers altered the production, which later benefitted black skin tone.

In a very obvious way one can call this or attribute it to racism. But I prefer to see it from an economical stand point. They were business men tailoring to their market, and even if they weren’t, Remember, it’s 2015, for every aspect of society that disturbs you, you are staring at a business opportunity. Anyways Enjoy the video below.

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