VIDEO: Cardi B Spotted Cleaning Unlike Claims In Her WAP Song! A Message To Young Women Fooled By Their Music

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Offset took to social media jokingly, to call out his wife Cardi B as he shared a video of her cleaning, of which being the celebrity he is went instant viral. Most who were actually fans of the WAP song which features Megan Thee Stallion would recall that Cardi B dropped the line “I don’t cook, I don’t clean.”

She has however been caught doing that and her husband couldn’t help but hilariously throw jabs at her. Offset was heard telling Cardi B “when are you gon’ stop lying on your song”, she however fired back by saying “I will punch you in the head”.

But despite the humour behind the pun, there is an underlying reality check behind this scenario. For the year, booty popping rappers like Cardi B, Trina, and even our very own Ebony Reigns, have built a musical career about how much of a boss they are, or songs about Sugar daddies, or sex for money one way or the other, defying the essence of having any traditional characteristics of the typical wife. And for the most part, most women fall in line believing this is somewhat the direction and path to follow in life, only to realize their leaders are not about that life.

Just in the past couple of weeks, the WAP singer has been defied the slay queen, Bad Chick, ‘Boss b****’ rules by turning around after a divorce and going back for her man, and now spotted seeing cleaning for him. Yet, this type of music is missing from their albums. All we hear is “I don’t need him, I make my own money, I’m a boss, I don’t cook, I don’t clean, I shake it and get my money”.

We are not so familiar with lifestyles around the world, but here in Ghana, poverty is real, and so are sugar daddies, and so are young girls who get an early taste of sex-for-money believing that it is something they can build a future over.

Cardi B Knows best, that there is a dead end to that lifestyle. In fact, we don’t need to see her cleaning to come to that conclusion, the mere fact that she’s a rapper and not twerking or sleeping with someone for money shows she isn’t about that life.

It’s almost like Beyonce “Girls Run The World”, “All My Single Ladies”, “Me, Myself & I”, and “Bills Bills Bills”, after building a generation of women who don’t need men, all of a sudden she drops “Bonnie & Clyde”, all the way down to “The Carters”. Now you are single with your single ladies single record.

This is not to say Boss B**** can’t clean, this is not to say cleaning makes you less or more of a woman, it’s just to say these women aren’t what they project themselves to be. They are entertainers! Their music is emulated of people they see around them, mostly, these people with no future. And they use their glamour and admiration to project such lifestyles. Be wise, and share this with slay queens you may know.

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