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Ghana Look Books 

For the past few days if you follow African trends and fashion online, you would have seen nothing but Clatural Wear’s Mesh skirts. The Mesh designs is an african style of clothing founded here in Ghana where fabric is woven and sewn together like a basket to produce a clothing garment.

And Clatural Wear is leading this movement and has been the supplier of Most designers and brands in this field who also create the mesh style of clothes. So despite recently hearing of the brand name, you have most likely seen their work before for other brands in Ghana, USA and others overseas.

The fashion brand has also worked with many known names in the Ghanaian world of fashion including Nana Akua Addo and more. So it was no surprise her mesh waist wraps will set the net on fire. However, depending on your love for style, they might just break your wallet. Each one of these waist wraps cost 650ghs, which is roughly 120usd.

See them below, but if you think the waist wraps are the only amazing mesh products the designer brand is having, scroll further down and see a quick phone video glimpse of her store in Ghana.


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