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According to PulseGhana, Ghanaian songstress turned down a 100,000 dollar investment from a dubai investor that wanted to pump money in her career. In a dire Ghanaian economy where artists have to be some of the best in Africa, and not only in their country, before they see decent money, what would make someone turn down such an offer?

Well again, according to PulseGhana it is reported that the Ghanaian singer turned down the offer and the investor also requested to sleep with the singer for a weekend. The story video can be seen below. This is a common lifestyle of African girls that seek fame on social media.

With the disadvantaged financial reality faced here, foreigners are now engaging more and more in searching for girls on social media to fly over and sleep with them, as what might be luxury here in Ghana or Africa is peanuts to them,

technically the new age prostitution in disguse as modeling

. Very few like eShun will turn down such a deal. I can assure you her phone is going crazy with friends requesting the dubai investor’s number or telling her to get to it. Anyways, see the story video below by pulseGhana.

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