VIDEO: Girl With Beautiful Afro Wig Gets Mocked By Men; Raises Talks About Black Men Vs Natural Hair! Your Thoughts?

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Racism & Prejudice In Fashion

Some of you may have seen this video by now, most might take this as a piece of jargon and might even wonder what is so offensive. Unfortunately for most countries, the number of black women that strutt around with natural hair is not as much as we see here in Ghana.

In fact there has been a lot of work orchestrated by activist to help return pride in black girls wearing their natural hair. It may seem like nothing but a choice but the movement has been soo stern it even sometimes feels like a dangerous political battle. A few years ago we saw African American women lose jobs for their natural hair, young girls getting kicked out of schools for their natural hair, and so many countless injustices, and this was in the Obama era and viral internet era where they could garner some internet support. One can only imagine the lengths of life their went through prior that moment.

So with the tremendous struggle black women face with their pride verses their insecurities, the one and only other social group they will pray to support the undoing of this mental weave damage would be the black man, and unfortunately, this video mocking Kala speaks to the opposite of that.

Although it’s not natural hair, it still speaks the the anti African hair rhetoric. The dangerous place where this video is heading is, despite the continuous support black men have given with and to women with natural hair, and the encouragement to those that don’t to take the first step; some are putting this video out as to generalize black men as a whole and questioning their sincerity in encouraging women to go natural.

In all honesty, the video doesn’t say much as one will never know the relationship between the men and the lady, but if we are to assume they were complete stranger slurring insults at an innocent passer by, the are in no way a reflection of the majority of black men.

And even if we play devils advocate and believe they were, African American women will need to understand that the transition and movement they were going through in USA is also a movement their African American men are going through. The same expose of media that managed to convince them they are better looking without their natural hair, is the same medium the men are exposed to. Such videos should not be used as a template to describe a whole section of men. In fact that is a game that needs to stop on social media. Everytime a black person commits an act of stupidness, there are always those that will chose to hold it up as some representation of a social group, country or the whole black race.

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