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As a Ghanaian, you can’t do nothing but to be proud of Hamamat and how she continues to glorify her culture and her country. She is beyond fabulous from everything fashion to her videos. Not only is she beautiful and a continious growing entrepreneur.

Today, we see the grand opening of her sheer butter store, and instead of taking the very classy traditional look of boutique shop, Hamamat went very creative and Wakanda on us, giving us traditional Africa with a futuristic edge. Extremely beautiful, and can’t wait for her to host more than sheer butter.

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Happy Friday #KingsandQueens : : : Today is a dream come true . Our first #Sheabutter Shop in Accra – Ghana is open . : : We are only 3 Mins away from the airport Just get to kwaleyz Residence and make the first left . : : We open from 12pm – 9pm everyday : : The sheabutter family & I will be at the Shop from 4pm – 7pm tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow. Passby anytime. Call or WhatsApp our Customer Care on ‭050 722 5706‬ for a location pin . : : Thank you so much for your continued support #KingsandQueens : You asked for a Shop and it is here . : : Skin @hamamatafricanbeauty Click Hamamat.com to shop #hamamat #sheabutter #worldwide #naturalbeauty #beauty #africa #ghana

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Happy Saturday #KingsandQueens: : : Listen to the drum as it speaks : It’s today 🎈 : Traditionally, the drum is the heartbeat, the soul of most African communities. Drums have been an intrinsic part of African life for centuries and for countless generations, an ancient instrument used to celebrate all the aspects of life. : In Western culture drumming is, most often, about entertainment. In Africa, drums hold a deeper, symbolic and historical significance. They herald political and social events attending ceremonies of birth, death and marriage. They spark courtships, they herald home-coming and going and they accompany religious rites and rituals, calling up ancestral spirits. They are used as an alarm or a call to arms stirring up emotions for battle and war. They can also inspire passion and excitement and even cause trances, a momentary loss of consciousness to either the drummer or the listener. They symbolize and protect royalty and are often housed in sacred dwellings. : : They are protected during battle. On the other side, drums are about communication and making music, two essential characteristics of community life. For centuries the ‘talking drums’ were a primary source of communication between tribes used to transmit messages sometimes across great distances. : : Our sheabutter shop is opened today . Can’t wait to meet you . 4pm – 9pm Location 📍 Airport Residential . ☎️Call Customer Care ‭050 722 5706‬ for further assistance. : #hamamat #sheabutter #worldwide #beauty #naturalbeauty #africa #healthylifestyle #africanmen

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