VIDEO: “I Hate Black Skin” – Ghanaian Boxer Vows To Bleach Until He Is White, Bukom Banku Speaks

by Nana Tamakloe

What happens when you have the ring leader of a group of street boxers, who is also a professional boxer and has strong political ties to the government? Technically you have a man who can do anything without being critiqued by the general media.


And this is the status of Bokum Banku who has gone on a bleaching expedition. If you are in Ghana you may have seen one or two social media pics mocking his lighter skin body with darker patches, if you are not in Ghana then you would have no clue who he is. He is currently Ghana’s top boxer who recently engaged in a hilarious fight with Ghana’s number two Ayite Powers.



Despite the dangers of skin bleaching and the hard working campaign celebrities like Ama Abebrese are taking on, Bokum Banku for no reason other than, his wife told him to, is now promotion skin bleaching.

In all matters, skin bleachers could not have pick a better campaign model and speaker for their level of intelligent. He is the perfect candidate to represent those that find bliss in lighter skin. I don’t think we need another article advising people not to skin bleach and the dangers of it, we just need Bukom Banku to prove to the world what kind of person you are and the levels you have stooped to when you chose to bleach. Enjoy the video below.

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