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Naomi Campbell recently celebrated 33 years of her life as a models and released a video of her 33 most memorable moment catwalk moments. Although the video had her and some of her super walks in there, she took the opportunity to execute a voice over the video which touched on a very interesting area.

In the video, from 1min 31 seconds, she spoke about how some of her friends who were highly in demand at the time will tell designers “If You don’t take her, you don’t get us”. At the moment she said that, we thought….HOLD ON Naomi!!! Don’t you think that in itself deserves a full video.

It resonates with the power models have back then in the 80s. One can never imagine a model going to a major fashion event and even considering uttering such words to a renowned designer. Watch how she spoke of that moment in the video below from 1.31sec, or enjoy the entire video.


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