VIDEO: Is Your Nose Mask Becoming A Makeup Problem? Jackie Aina Shows Us How To Prevent Makeup SMUDGING

by Christy Dagenham

Ghana Hair & Beauty 

Whether you are in love with the new nose mask restrictions or not, it is here upon us. There is no doubt that they have now also become a fabulous fashion statement, but like all stylish beings, we are faced with makeup contradictions.

Not only do they ruin the inner sides of our nose masks, but they also leave smudging and fading of makeup on the lower parts of our faces which is definitely something we are not interested in. In some cases, it can be very embarrassing when your nose masks are off and your face looks half tanned from your cheeks below.

What is also more embarrassing is when your nose mask lays down with very brown tones on it as if the skin wasn’t washed well. So no need to be disheartened there is a future for us made up beauties that want to give our skin a chance to breathe, all whilst wearing a nose mask without disrupting our facial art.

Talkbox Jackie Aina takes us through the process of how to prevent smudging when wearing a nose mask with a fabulous makeup tutorial.


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