VIDEO: Miss Algeria (Arab Country In Africa) Faces Severe Racist Attacks For Being Black

by Nana Tamakloe

Algeria Racism In Fashion 

Insecure pale skinned trolls from around the world are angry that a non pale lady Khadija has won Miss Algeria 2019 title becoming the second ever non pale lady to do so, an Arab country that resides in the North of Africa. There has been a barrage of insults from the envious and probably ugly pale skinned folks from the nation who wish to have seen some one that looks like them take hold of the crown.

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The organizers of Miss Algeria have speak out in defense of Khadija Ben Hamou, the second black woman to be crowned in the annual pageant, following an alleged torrent of racist abuse online.

The organization defended their winner on Facebook, claiming the racist and critical comments were the result of edited unflattering photos of Khadija shared online. They posted two images of the winner in all her crowned glory as an apparent attempt at silencing the critics.

Kuwaiti journalist Fajr El Saeed has criticized Miss Algeria Khadidja Ben Hammou, who received racial abuse because of her dark skin color. “They voted for her as a result of their strong anger over the political situation of the country,” she said. “You are in a beauty pageant competition… I don’t know why they choose you,” added the journalist as she addressed Miss Algeria in a television broadcast.

After winning the competition, Ben Hammou said that the pageant’s selection criteria were based on “benevolence, manners, education, intelligence, and humanitarian spirit.” In response, the Kuwaiti journalist said: “You are not participating in a folklore contest.” El Saeed added that the contest is a beauty pageant competition, and “therefore the winner needs to be beautiful.” El Saeed also believes that Algeria “deserves better.”

In 2019 it is becoming obvious that beauty related racist attacks on darker skin people by fairer skin people is actually revealing the fear of black beauty and insecurities they have about their own beauty.

So lets watch her winning here again. If they think they’ve seen anything, let’s wait til a real dark skin cuties tears that pageant up.

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