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Naomi Campbell is currently the only household name model to be walking the earth. This season we saw her return to the runway for Valentino. The reactions have been alarming and it has been in almost every fashion blog.

But is Naomi Campbell’s Presence on the runway a good thing?

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In an interview she executed with Nick Knight at the height of racism and neglect of black models in 2015, the legendary beauty vowed she will not retire from modelling until she seeing more diversity. In her exactly words “One of the things that keeps me wanting to work is because I can’t stick out yet because I feel I still have to represent and watch my babies and be there for them.”

The way we see it, Naomi Campbell is 100% proof Cleopatra was black (pun). There is no way any women can be at the age of 48 and still be glorified internationally for her beauty.

But is her presence on Valentino’s show an simply a job or her reinforcing her words. The lack of diversity is why she hasn’t stopped rocking the runway?

Naomi is a legend and we will hate for her to get off the runway. But it will be interesting to get her updates on the world of fashion.


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