From trimming hair for growth and using water to saturate and refresh your curls –

In a world where European hair has been glorified and glamorised so much so that in some countries African and black women are fired from work and expelled from schools for not emulating the visual representation of white women, the journey to go natural is so bleak and far hidden in a dark corner that it is swarmed with flying rumours to those who haven’t ventured there.

With the rise of social media, we can steadily see an increase in natural hair amongst black women as they reconnect with their pride by reconnecting with others that proudly wear their hair natural. And with this change also comes various encouraging videos that break down how to carry yourself best on the journey to going natural.

Chizi Duro

One extraordinarily beautiful YouTuber Chizi Duro does this tremendously. Her channel is filled with great beauty and hair tips that can easily help you ease in your transition. A recent video she did debunked three myths that many have assumed when going natural.

The myths she takes on are….
1. If you trim your ends you hair will grow faster.
2. Glossy Or Shiny Hair means your hair is moisturized or hydrated.
3. The best way to refresh your curls is to Saturate your hair with water.

Watch the full video below


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