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Sierra Leone Racism & Fashion 

Like most renown fashion designer Sai Sankoh is very disturbed by the brutal murder of George Floyd and recently has been very vocal about it. Recently, Sai Sankoh made the press when being faced with plagiarism of her designs by fashion brand B-Fyne.

Top Sierra Leone Designer Sai Sankoh Calls Out Nigerian Swimwear Brand B-Fyne For Plagiarizing Her Signature Kaftan

Despite her dealing with her designs being stolen by print swimwear brand B-Fyne, the designer has put that dispute on pause whilst showing love for George Floyd and angst against racial discrimination in America.

Currently in the USA, Sai Sankoh decided words were not enough and simply typing out a few messages on social media is not a real way to mourn the death of George Floyd, so she took to the streets with her versace pouch to join other disturbed protestors in a peaceful protest and shared it with her close facebook friends with the following statement.

“I walked yesterday because I was frustrated and tired by the senseless killings of my brothers and sisters. I walked yesterday for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and for the countless number of BLACKS that have been mercilessly murdered by the police and by racists! I walked yesterday because I am an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN! I walked yesterday because I was disgusted by all you people posting only about material shit and not acknowledging human lives! I walked yesterday because I had to let out all the pent up anger from my personal discriminations I have been embarrassed to share! I walked yesterday because I don’t want to feel MY life could be taken away just a simple traffic stop! I walked yesterday because I don’t want to walk into a room full of other races and schmooze and smile and behind my back they still consider me inferior! I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD! Don’t ever feel that because or the color or my skin you are superior to me! NEVER!! I encourage you, or shame you; whichever way you want to take it, to put your FOX news on pause and pay attention to the real issues in America! RACISM!! Change starts with YOU! Even with all the hate you have spewed on is over decades and centuries, all we want is peace and unity! FUCK IT, NOW WE DEMAND EQUALITY AND JUSTICE!”

Watch her below.

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