Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Hamamat is prromoting her sheer butter cream and as always she does her best to promote the African culture to the pulp. We can only imagine for some trapped in the freezing cold countries, her videos must be a living fantasy. However she turned it up a notch and might be going a bit far in the process some what erotic.

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Hamamat’s new instagram video has two men, oiled up so much they could belly slide from Accra to Lagos! The men are seen massaging a lady/albino model by the name of Unique. In many ways it doesn’t seem like it was the lotion being promoted here, but more of an mild intro to some soft porn. If you think that comment is out of bounds, see video below and read more comments frrom her lovely followers and check if they were focused on the cream or something else.

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And then there is always that one clown.

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