VIDEO: See How Ugg Boots Are Made, You Will Never Wear Them After Watching This

by Nana Tamakloe

Fortunately for those of us in Africa, Ugg Boots are too hot to wear in this beautiful weather. But Ugg boots are so popular in the west they are now almost like a common accessory every lady has, especially in the winter period.


About a decade or more ago, the fashion industry went through a phase with various debates, protests and public scrutiny against the use for fur, and after that it became so unpopular it diminished to very small crowds if it is still in business.

Leather has always been on the tip of protestor’s lips however crocodiles are not that cute to be protested for. Nevertheless, fast forward till today, it seem there is a storm of fashion protests now gearing up against Ugg boots. It maybe the many years it rained popular most did not consider the origins of the wool.


However, there are many short videos out there stirring up thoughts against Ugg boots. It may well be the best to do so as the cold winter weather dawns upon many foreign countries, and this video will hit home. In all honestly we were going to post the longer version of this video, but it was too gruesome we had to settle for this 30 second one, but you can find it on youtube if you prefer. See the shorter version below.

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