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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Sister Afia is still working hard at using her physique to gravitate more attention to her music and her developing celebrity status and so by no doubt, like Moesha and others it’s no surprise a new twerk video was set to be published.

Fortunately and unfortunately, we couldn’t scroll on without our eyes popping out the the beautiful red fringed swimwear outfit she had on. The outfit was either a combination of a fringe necklace that matched a fringe swimwear, or a full resort beachwear outfit.

The creative behind the outfit was not credited which is not a good move. We all know how it is here in Accra or even across the fashion world, if you do not heavily brand your name to a design you are behind, you can expect it to soon become everyone else’s. So Afia, kindly do credit their designer at your convenience. For now, you all can also take time to admire the outfit below.


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