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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Cardi B’s success is a perfect example how the corporate end of the music world can turn any one into a highly admired public figure. Currently, we have a former stripper, tattooed all over, with implants and plastic surgery everywhere and doesn’t write her own music, it’s the one and only Cardi B.

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Many will say we are hating, but asides the “hate”, for a former professional stripper we were cursed with the disadvantage of seeing this video whilst scrolling down our timeline. A video of the super star twerking in all sorts of directions whilst her implants are bouncing the opposite way. Unfortunately, we are sharing this with you. watch below and make sure you have nothing in your mouth.

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#cardib Ass Almost fell off while twerking

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It’s not easy to make you believe this message but please learn to love yourself how you are. We might only see the outskirts of her love life with Offset but imagine how this tramatising visuals affects their private life.


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