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Togo Look Books 

Les Reines Des Perles is one of Africa’s leading jewelers hailing from Togo, Lome. She has consistently made some of the best neck pieces one has ever seen. Her late collection titled ‘SAUVAGE’ is clustered with various wildlife creatures and insects such as bugs, snakes, spiders and more, turning your worst nightmare into some of the most fantastic clothing.

But the collection is not only filled with scary creatures made beautiful, but also other animals like ducks, dolphines, butterflies and more. It was first outdoored at Accra Fashion Week 2019 Chilly Rainy, which saw Togolese superstar Snowflakes (the Drake or Wizkid of Togo) perform during the runway which created the perfect scenery and music for the show.

The necklaces are easily accessible and the brand can be contacted via their facebook or instagram page at and you can see the fabulous collection and watch the video below. The collection


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