MUSIC VID: Togolese Glamour Model Maria Mobil Stars In Wyclef’s New Video ‘I Swear’

by Nana Tamakloe

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Maria Mobil has been on the rise to fame ever since she began her vine videos with some of the popular black USA vine comedians such as @juhahnjones @thefaketyrhee @mr100_leonross.


Those who are within her social media circle will know Maria Mobil for posting some of the raunchiest half naked pictures online and loving the attention that comes off of it (As a male, I personally had to unfriend her on facebook of because that, Temptations lol). Maria was a frequent visitor back and forth from USA to Togo, and a few occasions in Ghana.

Early morning shoot for VH1 TV coming soon in March 2015😘👍👍

A photo posted by Model/actress/comedian (@mariamobil) on

It was obvious the place for Maria was glamour or video modeling, although this market in non existent in Africa. However, earlier this year, she entered the vine video scene of some of USA’s viral stars for short clip act vids and only a few months later, she is starring in as a main featured girl in Wyclef’s new video I swear.

There is no doubt there is a lot of popularity ahead for Maria Mobil, she has a stunning body, and her look has been consistent with her dark chocolate skin highly contrasted with her blond dyed hair. Once seen, always recognizable. Congrats to her and hopefully she makes her mark the best way she can.

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