Video Update: Ghana Fashion Awards 2012


Ghana Xpo, organizers of the Ghana Fashion Awards held at the Plaice, managed pull some renowned fashion names in the industry to be present at the event. Exquisite decoration right from the entrance through to the auditorium amidst music, and more than enough to eat and drink.

A statement made by Kofi Ansah, the Head Judge pointed out emerging designers should be more creative, another by Chester said we should appreciate celebrities while they are alive not when they are dead.

The event left some heads puzzled as to how some decisions and awards came to be, and also how some nominees for the various categories were grouped, despite that, it was a nice relaxed evening with great music and the award winners definitely left with a smile on their faces. Thumbs up to the nominees and award winners for their hard work.

The climax the event was a fashion show with creative designs from Kofi Vodis, a designer from Togolese designer. As holders of the national name for fashion awards, we look forward to a more successful 2013 and an elevation upon the constructive criticism provided. We wish them all the best. For now, you can watch me interviewing Beatrice Aurthor, see the nominees and winners, and the fashion show, all in the video above.

Love, Agnes


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