Video: Watch Beyonce’s Long Awaited Superbowl Performance! Amazing?


So here is the long awaited and hyped SuperBowl performance by Beyonce. It was definitely a very amazing one to say. She continues to reinvent herself and by no doubt is proving to be one of the best talents in the world. See the video below and my review of it further.

Destiny’s Child: from left Kelly, Beyonce, Michelle

If this is a mild intro for a Destiny’s Child’s come back, Beyonce will need to give Kelly and Michelle more authority, cause it didn’t serve that particular purpose. Destiny’s Child on stage this time didn’t feel like a group with a lead singer, it looked like a boss (Beyonce) and her workers, or should I say co-dancers. Beyonce verbally commanded their actions, back up dancers got in the way of Kelly’s routine, their mics weren’t turned up as much, and they didn’t even get to finish off with Beyonce. They were commanded off stage. On the flip side, who can detest if Beyonce decides to do so?

However, that is not an issue, what did ring through my mind, and maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s a change in the world, or maybe it’s a majority of opinions, but the performance felt a big advertisement for blonde weave. Anyone feel the same? No? Okay, maybe it is just me. The performance was so good and the stage had ladies with flowy hair, Beyonce shaking her head all over the place, I am sure some ladies alternative hairstyles right this second are thinking twice about their current hair do.

Overall shes made her mark as one of the best female enter…..sorry, the best entertainer of our time. And even though I’m not her biggest fan it’s very easy to admit that.

The biggest question is why are we writing about this on Let’s get back to African fashion.

Beyonce Solo at Superbowl 2013


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