Video: Watch The Guise, The Models, the Designers & Efya’s Hot Performance


As said, if it is a hot fashion show in Ghana, you can be guaranteed it would be covered by, as was The Guise that took place on Friday the 11th of January, titled the first Fashion show to occur in Ghana in 2013.

A review of the event, ok models, could be better, but a step up from the usual, however, keep a look out in the video at 5.41sec and 12.10sec for our very own Agnes Atakora, yes our interview girl was ripping the runway. Over all there was a lovely atmosphere, good services and a smooth show. The highlight of the event as one can see was Efya’s performance, unfortunately as we are not a music channel we couldn’t flood the video with it, but we managed to give you some snippets of what you missed.

The only point of consideration is the crowd we usually find at Ghanaian fashion shows, although a few, it would be good to see more of those that come with the interest to purchase and seek from designers. Then again, I guess that is our job to bring the designs to those who intend to but couldn’t attend. Enjoy. 🙂

Our Interviewer Agnes Atakora ripping the runway at The Guise


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